Export Inventory from Odoo to Shopify

Exporting inventory from Shopify to Odoo can be achieved through the following steps:


Stock Based On instance configuration will be used while export Inventory.

There are two ways to export inventory from Odoo to Shopify:

Method - 1: Manual Export

  1. Go to the Marketplaces ‣ Overview menu in Odoo.

  2. Click on the Operations button from the instance record.

    Operation View
  3. Select Export Operation and then select Export Inventory option.

    Export Inventory Operation Screen
  4. Press PROCESS button to import products inventory to Odoo from Shopify.

You should now see the inventory exported from Odoo to Shopify, distributed across different locations. By following these steps, you can successfully export inventory levels from Shopify to Odoo and keep your inventory data up-to-date in Shopify. Remember to review the exported inventory for accuracy and ensure that the inventory levels match between both platforms.


Inventory will be exported based on the date configured under Last Stock Exported On field for the instance.

Method - 2: Automatic Inventory Export

Inventory export from Odoo to Shopify can be automated using the Automatic Schedule action, which allows you to set up a predefined time interval for the execution of the export inventory process. This automation ensures that the inventory data from your Odoo ERP is regularly and systematically updated in Shopify without the need for manual intervention. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Go to your Shopify instance setting by navigate to Marketplaces ‣ Configuration ‣ Instance.

  2. Here you will see Automatic Jobs tab. In that tab you can configure Export Product’s Inventory automatic action by setting Interval Number, Interval Unit and Active.

    Inventory Automatic Export
  3. Once the schedule action is active, Odoo will automatically trigger the inventory export from Odoo to Shopify at the specified time intervals. At the defined intervals, Odoo will export the latest inventory data from your Odoo ERP and update the corresponding inventory in the Shopify based on Stock Based on configuration.