Configure Marketplace Order Workflow

The Marketplace Order Workflow is a predefined set of steps or actions that determine how the orders received from the marketplace are processed and managed within the Odoo ERP system.

By following the path Marketplaces ‣ Configuration ‣ Marketplace Automation you can access and configure the Marketplace Order Workflow. Here’s an explanation of the Marketplace Order Workflow options.

Configuration of Marketplace Order Workflow
  • Confirm Order
    • This option automatically confirms sales orders once they are imported from Marketplace to Odoo. It eliminates the need for manual confirmation, saving time and ensuring efficient order processing.

  • Create Invoice
    • With this setting enabled, invoices are automatically created after the order is processed. This automation streamlines the invoicing process, saving time and ensuring that invoices are created promptly.

  • Validate Invoice
    • After an invoice is created, the Validate Invoice feature automatically validates the invoice in Odoo. This automation eliminates the need for manual validation, making the invoice immediately available for subsequent actions such as payment processing or financial reporting.

  • Register Payment
    • Once the invoice is fully processed, this feature automatically registers the payment in Odoo. You can choose the payment journal where the payment will be settled, providing flexibility in managing financial transactions.

  • Force Invoice Date
    • This setting ensures that the date of the invoice matches the sales order date when the invoice is processed. It helps maintain consistency in accounting records.

  • Payment Journal
    • The Payment Journal represents the financial account where customer payments are recorded.

    • You should select a Payment Journal that aligns with your financial management processes.

  • Order Journal
    • This journal will be associated with the sales orders and invoices generated during the integration process with Marketplace.

    • You may need to select a Sales Journal that is relevant to your business operations.

  • Payment Method
    • The Debit Method determines how the payment is recorded when a customer’s account is debited.

    • You need to select a Debit Method that suits your business requirements and accounting practices.

  • Company
    • The company associated with current Marketplace Order Workflow.

  • Shipping Policy
    • The Shipping Policy refers to the option that allows you to set a specific shipping policy for orders created from marketplaces. This policy will be applied to orders when they are created in Odoo.